Audio Attraction

Audio Don.jpg

NOISE . . . 

. . . abounds.

Hence, perhaps, my love of Joshua Tree National Park, where escape from it is almost possible.  As a native of, and dweller amid, the hustle and bustle (Greek, "θόρυβος" - "thorobus" - a word I love) of Southern California, I embrace noise as an inescapable part of my life-scape. 

And, as it happens, I know a lot of musicians.  Rock 'n' roll makes sense of what is otherwise grating noise; it gives sense to the senselessness of humans with hand-grenades.   I won't plug all of my favorite podcasts, but I will include here some friends' and acquaintances' websites or links and other tidbits from time to time; some material written and recorded by me; and in general will use this area as a teaser-location to which I hope you'll occasionally return.