Growing Up

Episode 23 - Child Almost Fired over Putty Knife Dispute

There are jobs, and then there are careers. What’s the difference? At ten, perhaps you should have neither. Hear Michael Silverblatt on “Bookworm.” Read John McWhorter’s, “Why Grown-Ups Keep Talking Like Little Kids.” Listen to “Company Man” by James Taylor on YouTube.

Episode 11 - MoFo as a Foster Youth, Part 1of 2

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Larry begins discussing his life as a foster child. This episode focuses on an overtly in-it-for-the-money Eagle Rock family, and then describes his introduction to his second official foster home, where life came to make a modicum of sense - but only a modicum. The saga will continue in Part 2, Episode 12. And, of course, there’s a little further exploration of consciousness near the outset.